• Shreya Teresita


Copyrighted: Carpe Diem Tales
Unraped. (Artwork by Ipshita Mitra)

I have stood there on the pavements Late at night By myself Waiting for a ride

I have stared into the leering eyes Turned my head to every whistle that came my way I have heard the comments  About my chest, my lips, the length of my skirt I have stood at night on many pavements I know the fear.

We talk about feminism in the daytime I have been a part of the debates But late at night, alone in the streets My voice isn't loud anymore And all I want is to go home in one piece Uninterrupted, unraped.

We have opinions about equality in the daytime About consent, sex,  The length of our skirts But in the dark, there are jerking cocks Groping hands, lingering fingers Crotches against my legs

I am so angry I'm eager to hurt But in the dark, fear runs deep I'm not scared to fight I'm scared to lose And I just want to go home in peace Unraped.

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