• Shreya Teresita

The Monsters Under My Bed

To Zach and Hannah

They never sleep Even when you lie next to me

With your arm around my waist

They’re there

Breathing down my neck

Waiting with their teeth bare.

When your laughter rings through my room

Or my sleepy head falls on your shoulder

When I tell you a joke, or take your kiss

When we’re screaming on top of our voices

For better or for worse

They’re there, watching.

They’ll never leave

They’ll take me down someday

Down Pluto’s dark-blue blaze

Where I’ll be nothing

But a voice

Where you’ll be nothing but gone.

I’ll be nothing but pain

So why fight at all?

Why sweat when you can just walk away?

They will win anyway

They will have the last laugh

And I will be fine, won’t I?

We all have our demons, don’t we?

We grew up with monsters under our beds

Mine just sleep with me and sing me songs

Every night

In the mornings, they dig my grave

And bury me alive.

You tell me you have darkness too

But mine’s a trail of blood

From the day he threw me down the stairs

To every time Mama bled

You tell me it’s okay

That you love me so.

I know

But they’re watching,


And they tell me they love me too.

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