• Shreya Teresita

Self Destruction

You have been here before

You are here again today

A step away from the fire —

The pyre 

We have set for ourselves.

Outside, there are cheers.

Courage weighs your body down

With the heavy jewels and crown.

Pride holds high your head

Unmoved, wrapped under your veil.

But inside, I smell fear.

Inside your mind, I see doubt.

I read questions 

That a voice is too proud to repeat.

Nudged to the corner by pride

Crawls your will to fight

Your will to stay alive.

Inside your mind

You're more than a queen

More than the beauty that led you here.

You're a life, a fertile mind,

But outside, there are cheers...

Inside your mind, you are angry

That death's your only weapon

Self-destruction, your only attack.

That's how unarmed you are.

But don't worry, you will be praised

You will be remembered for your fight.

So come along, let us step in!

I promise Your tale of courage will live long

Your screams, however, will be hushed.

Come, brave Queen Let the fire eat you and me alive. Your choices are feeble anyway So, come, hurry up!

Let us destroy ourselves

And then, call it courage.

Let us relish our power to burn ourselves

And through the flames, watch them cheer us on

You have been here before, haven't you?

We' have been, and we'll coming.

So, burn, brave Queen,

And teach me again, how to self-destruct.

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