• Shreya Teresita

Late 20s

Ten years ago you were convinced you’d be perfect by now. A job, a lover, and childish mistakes in the rear-view mirror.

You are 25, 26, 29 now.

You are still paying bus fares with the coins littered on your refrigerator top.

Ten years ago, crying quietly into your pillow in your parent’s house, you were certain, by 25-26, you’d have the last laugh.

That by 28-29, You’d have your bully’s apology and every mean girl’s envy dancing on your little finger.

You are 25, 26, 29 now.

Your boss comes to you after a 14-hour shift and tells you to put in more effort.

You now pay for glossy magazines that make you want to shove a finger down your throat only to look up to mark.

Ten years ago, you watched your first love walk all over your heart and away with your best friend and you swore, one day, you’ll find the right one.

You are 25, 26, 29 now. Yet another call has ended with, ‘We want different things,’ and that was that.

At 15, 16, 19, You had dreamed (you really did!) that a happy ending would be handed to you on a silver platter by 25, 26…29 tops!

You are 25, 26, 29 now. That silver platter now sits on your nightstand gathering fresh bills and dust.

You are 25, 26, 29 now. You’ve still got mess to sort and miles to go and scars to clean before you sleep.

Wake up, sleeping beauty, the fairy tale has ended you now got miles to go before you sleep.

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