• Shreya Teresita

A Love Spell for the Faint-hearted

Until we part, I will be chaos

I’ll roar in love and shatter in your arms

To leave I will leave like a silent wish

Till then I’ll last like a raging storm.

Until we part, I will be summer

Like silk on your lips and fire in your eyes

When comes fall, I’ll be gone in a shiver

Till then I’ll blaze like the clear blue skies.

In the sea we sail, we’re bound to sink

We’re meant to wreck in the tempest’s sway

But who’ll swim to the shore in time?

And who will go under with the tossing waves?

In the ship we sail, the hourglass runs

Bound by time, a chalice of love

To drink from it is to drink poison

To refuse is to die of thirst.

Until we part, I will be magic

Binding you in arcane love so strong

Close your eyes, there's heaven in my kiss

Open your eyes, and I'm gone.

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