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This blog is my way of letting the elves in my head make something nice -- cocktail of late-night musings, concocted fiction, fresh-baked travelogues, a sprinkling of poems & more.

Feel free to peruse, binge and share some with your friends. I cater to all from Monday morning blues, mild existential crisis to midnight cravings.



​If you're wondering who I am, here's a bit about yours truly.

Hello, I'm Shreya Teresita. I'm a bespectacled journalist by the day. By night, I put on a cape and set out to fight super-villains like insomnia and existential crisis, one story or project at a time.

Carpe Diem Tales is my mean attempt at seizing the day and salvaging sanity, by making something nice or writing my heart out. I hope you ​enjoy my titbits as much as I do sharing them with you.

Love, ST